Tuesday, 16 October 2007

What fitness advantages do celebrities really have?

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Do you think your workout would be more fun and interesting if you had the same personal trainer as your favorite celebrity and even worked out in the same gym? Do you think they really have it that much better and easier than the rest of us? I'm half torn on that question myself, because although they do have unlimited funds (I would soooo have a personal chef to cook me wonderful healthy dishes for every meal!) but no matter how you scramble it weight loss and fitness are still hard work -- you can't just "order up" a fit physique.

The truth is celebrities go through the same sorts of things we do, and celebrity trainers follow much the same principles for their famous clients as they do their non-famous ones. Concepts like getting into a rhythm and making a habit of fitness, finding things that are fun to do, and realizing that it's a daily conscious effort are key.

Some things are just human, money and fame or not!

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