Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Weight loss with no exercise or diet changes is impossible

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Are you continually amazed by products advertised in magazines and on television that claim weight loss without exercise or dietary changes? These all come to sound ludicrous to the trained ear after a while, yet someone continues to buy into the stupidity year after year. That, or these advertisers love throwing money in the toilet.

The latest product, Akavar 20/50, promises the same old impossible dream: weight loss without exercise or no changes in diet. The ads go as far as saying consumers can eat all they want and not exercise -- but then can lose weight. Absolute rubbish.

Of course, there is always a 'study' with a dubious background and twisted stats that gives the makers of these products at least one leg to stand one. The FTC is hopefully staying busy with this latest weight loss pill nonsense.

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