Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Top This: A fruity sorta salsa

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There's nothing precise about this salsa recipe. But there's everything healthy about it. And that's why you should give it try. It goes like this:

Cut up watermelon into chunks -- big chunks, little chunks, you decide. Then cut up a few fresh peaches into similar-sized pieces. Add some diced jalapenos to suit your desire for spice, some cut up bits of cilantro, a sprinkling of onions, and a dash of Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing -- which you could also leave out entirely. The juices from the fruit may do just the trick in exchange for less fat and calories.

Now mix it all up, and use your fruity salsa as a dip for the healthiest tortilla chips you can find (try blue chips from your grocery store's health food section), for a topping on your favorite fish, for a dressing on your yummy salad, or for anything your little heart desires. It doesn't really matter where your salsa lands. It's sure to spice up just about anything -- and in only the healthiest of ways.
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