Friday, 19 October 2007

Tips for getting the best massage

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Massages make life so much brighter, if you ask me. I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders and having someone knead it out is pretty awesome. If you love massages as much as I do, Mark's Daily Apple has some tips on how you can get the most bang for your massage buck:
  • Be on time. Tardiness will only cut into your massage time.
  • Speak up: If it's too intense or not intense enough, saying so will make the experience more enjoyable. Speak up if it feels weird or uncomfortable.
  • But don't talk too much. Spending the entire time chatting will just distract you both and take away from the actual massage.
  • Do what you're comfortable with. Don't strip down to the nude if it makes you feel weird. And don't be afraid to ask for a male or female masseuse.
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