Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tips for an aerobics rookie

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During my aerobics junkie years, I'll never forget the camaraderie forged by attending regularly. After being greeted by friendly faces and light conversation, I'd plop down in my usual spot and the music would start. The instructor knew me, shouting out personalized suggestions during a tough series. We'd all laugh at ourselves as we'd trip over our feet learning new routines. I felt at home, in shape, giddy after each class.

If an exercise class feels like travelling to Siberia, do not let potential culture shock prevent you from making the trip. Here are a few smart suggestions for aerobics rookies designed to make you comfortable the first day, and a regular thereafter:

  • Give your instructor a heads up you're new -- if they are good, they will reach out to suggest low-stress, alternate moves during class and swing by to check in with you after the music fades.
  • Don't step into the Rock Hard Rowdies 90-minute class on your maiden voyage. Lean on staff to guide you toward beginner choices.
  • Just as a gal might bring a girlfriend along to the powder room (although I've never understood that phenomenon), bring a friend to class. Guys -- not sure how you feel about this. Or hey, both sexes can make a new friend in class!
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Fretting over the fit of your new spandex outfit or a too-short t-shirt is not a good use of mental energy for an aerobics rookie.

Do share your tips for aerobics rookies out there!

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