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That's Fit Weekly Podcast #31: October 12th, 2007

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We're always looking for fresh and innovative ways to blog about news and trends fit for helping you live a healthy life. Now, thanks to Saturn, we bring a new voice to our efforts with the launch of our That's Fit Weekly Podcast. Each Friday, we'll go from blogger to broadcaster as we discuss topics relevant to pursuing your health and fitness goals.

This episode we continue our "Regenerate You" series with an interesting discussion on how "good bacteria" plays a role in the regeneration process of optimally healthy bodies! It's all about how a little "culture" can help boost your immune system, enhance digestion and improve your overall health and well-being! Interested? Listen on...

Have comments on our current shows or ideas for future podcasts? Or, do you have a burning health and fitness question you'd like answered on an upcoming installment? Comment right here and we'll do our best to provide the helpful information you're looking for!

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October 19th , 2007 Program: Interested in skin cell regeneration? How about the "fountain of youth"? We can't talk about Regeneration without mentioning anti-aging and the skin.

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