Thursday, 11 October 2007

Tales of a stale iPod playlist

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No word of a lie, I've had the same damn songs on my iPod for almost a year now. Ridiculous, I know. Sure, I've added a few more here and there, but for the most part, the playlist is the same. So, I actually took a minute the other day and tried to figure out why this is the case.

Is it due to a lack of time? Not really -- I mean, how long does it really take to illegally download ... er, I mean legally purchase songs from iTunes or rip songs from purchased CDs and then load them into an iPod? Is it because there isn't any good new music out there to choose from? There's plenty of good new and old music to choose from, so strike two. What is it, then, that keeps my playlist from changing? And then it hit me -- the reason why I've had the same songs on my iPod is because I've got some quality gym songs on my playlist, that's why.

Here's a just a few of them, sure to keep you moving through your next workout ... or your next 200 workouts:

Kasabian - "Club Foot" - Guaranteed to make you want to train like an animal. Maybe that's why they used it in the training montage scene in the film "The Guardian."

Oasis - "&*#@ing in the Bushes" - Free of any vocals (save for some soundbyte samples), this Oasis song worked perfectly when used in the film "Snatch" starring Brad Pitt. It will work just as perfectly for you to pump up your workouts.

Muse - "Stockholm Syndrome" - Talk about a full sound. This song is like four songs layered on top of one another. The end result is something so pulse-pounding that you'll find yourself doing an extra couple of minutes on the treadmill just to hear it until the end.

The Killers - "When You Were Young" - The best song of their most recent album, Sam's Town, the Killers prove with this one track that they may be the last hope for U2 style arena rock. As for your workout, it's a great song to keep pace with.

Have any songs that have a permanent place on your iPod? Please pass them along ... I could use some new material!!

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