Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Study says bird flu is getting serious. Are you worried?

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I try not to stress about whichever health panic is sweeping the world until it seems like there's a real reason to worry about it. SARS was a huge deal for a while but you don't hear much about it anymore, and while I'm sure contracting West Nile virus is no walk in the park, as far as I know there really hasn't been a huge number of people to come down with the illness so far.

Bird Flu isn't really very high on my list of illnesses to get concerned about either even after reading this piece. Apparently a study done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that a mutation in the virus has made it easier for the infection to survive in the human upper respiratory tract, which in turn, may make it spread more easily from person to person.

The article points out that Bird Flu is no where near the point where it could reach pandemic proportions but that that is definitely a possibility in the future. I figure I'll worry about that eventuality when it happens. What do you think?

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