Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Some healthy ways to rev up your sex life

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Most relationships start off hot and heavy -- everything between you and your partner was new and exciting, and you probably couldn't keep you hands off each other. So it could be kind of disappointing when, further down the line, that energy wears off and regular life begins to interfere with your formerly fab sex life.

If you've found that you're at the point where work stress, kids or just being a bit bored, has began to get in the way of getting intimate with your partner, check out this piece for some advice on how to boost a sagging sex life. The article offers five healthy tips (both physical and emotional) to help get things back on track.

You can try exercise (releases feel-good endorphins and helps you feel good about your body), quitting smoking (male smokers are more likely to be impotent) and eating right (protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates will help you retain energy throughout the evening). For more info, as well as the rest of the tips, take a look here for the full article.

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