Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Rugby's not just for boys

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I never really thought that rugby would be an enticing sport for girls -- with no padding and some really rough hits, the sport seems a bit rough and tumble. But I recently realized that I actually know several women who play the sport and love it. One friend, who stands at a mere 5-feet tall, just started playing this past summer and despite a concussion or two raved about the game.

The sport offers a great work-out, can help with coordination and is a great way to make new friends with those on your team. I took a look for some resources and on the web and found this cool site that offers news and information for women thinking about trying out the sport.

If you're a girl looking to find a new way to get some exercise, want to play on a team and aren't afraid to take a hit, you should take a look at the site and then check out your local women's league.

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