Thursday, 11 October 2007

Pomegranates: good for your lungs, not so good for gag reflex

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I'm going to say two things right now about pomegranates; one that will make you want to eat them even more often for their amazing health benefits, and the other that will make you never want to even look at one again.

The tricky part is, which one do I start with? The good or the bad news? Hmmm ... okay, I'll go with the good news first, this way you don't have to finish reading this post and you will still find out that pomegranates have been shown to slow the development of lung tumors. How about that for some good news?

Already known for its role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer, researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison have also discovered evidence to suggest that pomegranates may also help prevent lung cancer.

Mice given a tumor-inducing agent had 62-percent fewer lung tumors after five months of pomegranate supplementation than did mice that were not given pomegranate. More research still needs to be done to ascertain if humans would obtain similar results.

Oh great - now onto the other part. I'm loathe to even mention this, I really am. Oh, I know -- I'll use it in the context of Halloween. Let's say you want to serve up a creepy looking snack to your party guests, pomegranates make a great choice. Maybe it's just me, but pomegranate seeds look so much like bloody, human teeth that it makes me want to hurl. A whole bowl full of them would look like something straight out of the movie Saw.

Hey! Don't forget about how healthy they are, though!! And they're very tasty!! Just because something looks like a bloody human mouth ... blech. So freakin' gross.

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