Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Online glossary helps parents better understand autism

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Every now and then, kids can do things that seems a little...off...and it may make you wonder if it's something you should be concerned about, or whether it's just one of those little quirks kids sometimes have. Because signs of conditions on the autism spectrum can be so subtle and so varied, they're often hard to spot by the untrained eye. Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to the condition, recently developed a video glossary to help educate the parents and the general public on the common signs of autism.

I spent a few minutes going through it, and it's really easy to use, as well as being very informative. I can see it being used by parents at home, but also by teachers trying to help parents better understand their child's condition. If you're interested, you can look at the glossary here. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet support all browsers, but they'll be adding more soon.

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