Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The oldest man to climb Mt. Everest

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Mt. Everest is a dangerous place to be no matter what your age, but a small group of Japanese men have been jostling for an especially dangerous title -- the oldest man to reach the peak. The current record holder is 71 years old, but Yuichiro Miura is in the midst of a three year training regimen that will include the climb to the top, at age 75.

Though there is some bickering about method, there's no doubt that these men are in great physical shape for their age. While their country is credited with having the longest lifespans on Earth, these men (and women -- the oldest woman to climb Everest, at age 63, is from Japan as well) work hard to accomplish their goal.

It's really inspiring, actually, (even if it seems a little crazy) the idea of not letting barriers get in the way of your dream. Whether you're young or young at heart, you don't have to face the formidable Mt. Everest to get a taste of mountaineering. Learn more about the sport and where smaller peaks can be found at the ABC-of-Mountaineering.

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