Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Need for an annual check up questioned

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We know that annual health screenings are an important part of preventative health care, but a recent study questions the idea that an annual check up is actually necessary. When looking at preventative health care exams, researchers found that most of the required tests and procedures actually took place outside of that exam and that the exams were unnecessarily costly and time consuming.

What concerns me is that people will get this finding confused with the need for actual preventative tests and screenings. Though there is debate about whether yearly check ups are important, there is no argument over whether certain health screenings are necessary...they are. But if you see your doctor over the course of a year anyway, you might not need to make a special annual appointment to have them done.

The study found that annual checkups vary by region, so I'm interested to hear what you think. Are you loyal to the once-a-year check up, or do you have them done when you see your doctor at other appointments?

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