Friday, 12 October 2007

More lead found in toys and lunchboxes at Toys "R" Us

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More lead paint news this week, as a doll toy purchased at a Toys "R" Us locations was found to be tainted with 10 times the legally-allowed lead level.

Not only that, but in addition to the Curious George doll, vinyl lunch boxes and backpacks were also found to contain high amounts of lead as well. Do we have another toy recall headed our collective way soon? Who knows.

Marvel Entertainment had made the Curious George doll, which Sassafras Enterprises had made the tainted lunchboxes and backpacks. The Center for Environmental Health went as far as giving notice to Sassafras already that it was violating a 1986 California law that prohibits exposing consumers to carcinogens without warning.

Will that do the trick, or are more lead-based paint recalls on the horizon? My guess is that these items were made in China like all the others. What is is with lead being in so many toys these days? Talk about being incredibly annoying to millions of parents.

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