Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Men sleep better next to their partners, women sleep worse

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Guys, as much as we like to complain that she steals all the covers, it turns out we actually sleep better when our significant other is lying next to us. You ladies, on the other hand, aren't so lucky.

Men are more likely to snore, which makes it very difficult for their partner to get a good night sleep. When the sound level becomes so loud that it wakes them up at night, many women opt for sleeping in another room -- just so they can get some peace and quiet.

On the other hand, men -- despite popular stereotypes -- are much more dependent on close relationships than women are. Subsequently, when it comes to sleeping, guys do much better when they share a bed with someone they're committed to.

So what's the solution? While women might get more sleep when they choose a separate bed, this probably won't do wonders for their relationships. If your man is a noisemaker at night, try earplugs, and if that doesn't work, talk to your doctor -- there's a number of ways to keep him quiet.

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