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Meet the Bloggers: Chris Sparling

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You may have seen some of his posts already ... now meet the guy behind them -- Chris Sparling. Chris was a frequent contributor to our now-retired Life Sciences blogs, where he shared his insights on health, fitness and his favourite exercises.

1. Who are you?
Chris Sparling

2. Age you tell people you are: Closing in on 30. Fast.

3. Where you're from and where you live now:
I'm originally from Providence, Rhode Island. I've lived in Boston, L.A. and as of this writing, I kind-of-sort-of call Connecticut home.

4. Do you have a personal blog?
No. I don't have the attention span for it, really. I'm sorry, did you ask me something?

5. What is your day job, or rather, what do you do when you're not fitness blogging? I'm a screenwriter and filmmaker. I also teach courses on these topics at a local college.

6. How long have you been blogging with That's Fit and what is your favorite post? I'm relatively new to That's Fit -- I think it's been two weeks since I started. Yeah, that seems about right. A favorite post? Probably "The 10 People You'll Find in Any Gym."

7. Do you have a specific fitness background or are you a mere mortal who's just passionate about being healthy and fit -- and living to write about it?
I was raised by gladiators, pushed to physical limits and taught only three virtues by which to live: "Crush the enemy, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women." Oh wait, that was Conan the Barbarian, not me. My fitness story goes like this: I used to be a personal trainer, and I've been a gym rat for the past fifteen years. For several years, I trained in ju-jitsu, and I also tried boxing for a little while. It's a great workout. Fun, too. That is, with the exception of the whole getting punched in the face part.

8. What's the worst fitness or diet idea you fell for? Rocket Fuel. It's embarrassing to even say this, but I can recall my friend and I taking a supplement by this name. It purpotedly stoked your internal flame, making your workouts that much more intense. The reality of the matter, however, was that Rocket Fuel was just plain hot. The stuff burned your mouth, kind of like a liquid version of a hot ball candy. I guess you could say it did work in some round-about sort of way, though. It made your mouth so freakin' hot that you blasted through your set -- just to get to your water bottle that much quicker.

9. What motivates you to exercise and stay healthy? A buddy of mine had a grandfather who lived to be 87 years old. Up until he was somewhere around 85 or so, the guy was as strong as an ox. There was actually one instance when someone in my friend's family needed a refrigerator moved. Did they call my friend (a guy in his twenties) to move it? Nope. Did they call my friend's father (a guy in his fifties) to move it? Uh-uh. No, they called my friend's 85-year-old grandfather to move this damn refrigerator!! Now, I'm not sure that I want to be moving major appliances around when I'm in my 80s, but I know quite well that I plan to be strong enough to be considered for the job.

10. Who's your favorite fitness role model? The Jolly Green Giant. No one can pull off a toga made of leaves like that guy can.

11. What's your exercise "M.O." -- Gym workouts or outdoor endeavors; team or solitary sports? Gym workouts most of the time. I like mixing things up once and a while by taking my workout outside, but more times than not I'm indoors.

12: Choice of fitness gear: Baggy sweats or sultry spandex? Neither. Shorts are my choice. Baggy sweats are okay during the winter, especially here in New England. As for sultry spandex, thankfully I never lost a bet involving gym wardrobe.

13. What's your favorite fitness activity? Circuit training with weights and hitting the heavy bag.

14. Do you have any non-fitness-related, non-blogging hobbies? I play a little guitar (well, the guitar is full sized ... I mean to say that I play it a little bit here and there), hang out with friends and/or my fiance, and ocassionally play some basketball.

15. Confession time! What nonhealthy food do you eat -- or what unhealthy habit do you indulge in -- that would get you banned from That's Fit? What's your excuse for doing so?
I tend to take one day or one half-day a week to sort of reward myself for eating healthy on the other six days. So, when that day rolls around, all bets are pretty much off. Pizza, chocolate, cookie dough ... you name it. Plus, if I happen to hang out with the boys on that same night, I may be doing a little bit of drinking. Sometimes a lot of drinking. And, sometimes a lot of puking. If I look hard enough, I can see traces of pizza, chocolate, and cookie dough. Hooray for honesty!!
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