Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Marriage trouble? You could have heart trouble as well

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In the past, studies have suggested that being married is good for your health. But a recent study of 9,000 British citizens found that being in a bad marriage may literally break your heart. People who had toxic relationships with their spouses, near relatives, or friends were 34% more likely to have heart trouble in the 12 years following the study than those who reported being in solid relationships.

A separate study that looked at the issue found no relationship between bad relationships and heart health, but did find that women who sat silently through martial spats were more likely to have health problems than women who expressed their emotions.

So while the link is tentative, it's pretty clear that being in a bad marriage is stressful. Stress can have a lot of negative health effects, so maybe it's not too far a stretch to say that it could contribute to heart disease. What do you think?

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