Thursday, 11 October 2007

Looking for a new trail?

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I get tired of stepping out the front door to head off on my morning walk/jog route. I'm a hamster on wheel most days, but fitting in that workout is paramount. On the weekends, it's invigorating to seek a new trail.

Whether you need just a few miles of crushed gravel or 50+ miles for a bike fiesta, check out this terrific trail locator tool from Rails to Trails Conservancy. Pop in your state and keywords and you'll be sure to find a new curvy path to traverse this weekend. Invite friends and family, bring a lunch, make a day of it! The tool offers detailed directions, mapping, trail descriptions and occasional photos and reviews.

Since 1986, the non-profit Rails to Trails Conservancy has been working diligently to preserve and transform unused rail corridors into public trails. They've had tremendous success influencing favorable trail legislation in Washington, with over 100,000 members and supporters. Check out RTC's news and publications to get a field update from your region of the country.

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