Friday, 12 October 2007

Is marriage good for your health, or bad?

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Marriage has a bit of a bad rap these days, with lots of people complaining and saying how life and fun are essentially over the minute you take the plunge. But millions of people are still getting married every day, and thankfully research shows that they don't have the wrong idea -- it's not a bad thing! Research has found that married people have the following health advantages over people who aren't married:
  • Better general health, and less sicknesses
  • Less alcoholism
  • Fewer suicides
  • Less time spent in hospitals, and faster recovery rates
  • Stronger immune systems
  • Lower risks for depression, along with reduced stress and anxiety
Of course I'm thinking if you marry the wrong person and end up stressed and unhappy then these benefits probably don't apply, but for the average person your spouse may be doing more for you than you think!

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