Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Healthy french fries are possible: just bake them!

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Hamburgers and french fries are a staple of the American landscape. The combination tastes good and can be found virtually anywhere in the country, from home kitchens to restaurants to street carts.

But with that food love comes a plethora of calories, fat and other nastiness that may taste good, but isn't really all that good for you. Many nutrition-conscious hamburger fans have turned to non-meat alternatives (which taste pretty good once you get past the mental block), but what about french fried potatoes?

Ever thought of cooking those thinly sliced potatoes in the oven instead of in the deep fryer? Try this: coat a little aluminum foil with some olive oil, line up those potato sticks doused with garlic powder and paprika (for color) and there you have it -- great tasting french fries that are baked without trans fat oils and without all that soaked-in deep fried oil taste. They'll taste more like potatoes than oil and are healthy as well.

[Thanks, P. Smith]
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