Monday, 1 October 2007

Have kid, will exercise

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If you're an active one and feel slowed down by the little ones in your life, take a stroll over to this website and check out the Kelty Kangaroo carrier.

The Kangaroo carrier allows on-the-go moms and dads the luxury of packing up a bunch of gear, along with a kid up to 28 pounds, and heading out for a day of exercise and adventure. The tike gets to face forward while parents, or anyone wishing to tote along little ones, get a weighted workout.

The Kangaroo is not your only option. There's a bunch of carriers to choose from -- this one lugs up to 40 pounds -- and other cool products too. And while this is no endorsement -- I've never tried this and cannot testify to its greatness in any way -- it may be something worth looking into, so you and your tag-alongs can share in the fun of physical fitness.

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