Thursday, 11 October 2007

Going beyond that weight loss plateau: lose weight again!

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If you've faced weight loss and dieting before, my guess is that you've probably been discouraged when you reach that "plateau." You know, when you stop rapidly losing weight and the more realistic weight loss timeline sets in?

This alone discourages many from continuing weight loss diets, and old habits slip back into the picture. That's too bad, since a diet should be considered a lifestyle change more than a temporary goal. That's just not the case with many people.

But weight loss 'plateaus' are very common and are part of the weight loss process. In fact, some folks begin dieting and don't see that scale go down at all for a while -- which can be very distressing indeed. To see what do do when a plateau interrupts your dieting plan, consider this advice. It's not you -- or is it?

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