Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Go green from your dorm

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School has been back in session for about a month now, which means that most college freshman are getting used to dorm life. Although this 8' x 10' room is supposed to be home away from home, it can sometimes feel more like a well-decorated prison cell. But, fear not -- you are not a prisoner in your new digs. In fact, you have far more power than you realize. Enough to help save the planet, even.

Just as John and Yoko attempted to start a revolution from their bed, you can join the ever-growing green movement right from your dorm room. Here are just a few ways that college students can help make the world a little more green:

Strip Down. Your radio, your computer, your TV, your DVD player, your cell phone charger -- all of them require power. 9 out of 10 times, college students will make use of a power strip or surge protector to accommodate their voltage addiction. Problem is, these power strips continue to utilize electricity even when the electrical item to which it connects is not is use. The easy solution is to unplug your power strip whenever you're not using it.

Green Bag It. If you ever venture outside the cafeteria for food, you're going to visit a strange, unknown place called the supermarket. While there, a pimply-faced high school student will ask you if you'd like your groceries to be placed in a paper or plastic bag. Clearly, paper is the more eco-friendly option. However, an even better option would be a reusable canvas tote bag, which are being offered for about a dollar each at most supermarkets. For those fashion conscious types out there, you can even pick-up a trendy, Marc Jacobs grocery tote bag for about $20 bucks.

Clean Up Your Act. Now, this may be a REAL stretch, but eventually you are going to have to clean your dorm room. To do so, you're going to need what are commonly referred to as cleaning products (genus: producti cleanianum). Windex, Fantastic and the rest of that cool gang will work just fine, but to make your dorm room clean and green (feel free to roll your eyes at that one), use one of the many glass cleaners, room deodorizers, and tile cleaners that are made of all natural, environmentally friendly substances.

Living in a dorm (or just wishing you still were) and want to learn more about how easy it is to be green? Find out more here.

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