Friday, 12 October 2007

Freaky foods that are fit for Halloween ... or are they?

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In honour of halloween I'm going to make a list of ingredients fit for a scary witch's stew with help from this article from eDiets. Be forewarned; they might scare the bejebus out of you:
  • Beef lips, innards and joints.
  • Ground horse bones
  • Biscuits made of science-lab chemicals
  • Curdled milk and bacteria cultures
Sounds gross, right? Well, surprise. These are all items that are part of a normal diet. Beef lips? Found in hot dogs and processed meats. Ground horse bones? That's jello for you. And the cookies and crackers at your grocery stores are made almost entirely of chemicals. Cheese is made from curdled milk and bacteria cultures.

My point is not to freak you out or keep you away from these things -- I believe that cheese, for instance, can be part of a healthy diet. But it's important to know what you put into your body ... in all it's grossness. Eat organic when possible and learn about you're food; afterall, you are what you eat!

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