Monday, 1 October 2007

Food safety system perceived as in crisis, says U.S. Congress

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After so many food recalls from sources in China recently, is it any surprise that many Americans are skeptical of imported food and other products ? Shouldn't be, although in a country where 200 million+ people have to eat every day, aren't there always going to be risks?

All things considered, the food supply in the U.S. is pretty safe, although that does not absolve Chinese suppliers from being laggards when it comes to safety or American companies that have no idea of the quality of goods they are selling to consumers.

However, the Food and Drug Administration needs more power to inspect imports and recall defective ones, according to lawmakers in Washington this week. I'm not sure I agree with this statement by Rep. Diana DeGette from Colorado, but take for what it is worth: "The "system has pretty much fallen apart from top to bottom ... people are shocked by the continuing number of food safety issues we have."

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