Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Fitness solutions for small business owners

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I've never owned my own business, only witnessed a relative go through the motions from a distance. Being an entrepreneur can be all-consuming, leaving little time and energy for regular fitness. Yet exercise has many positive side effects any business leader would desire -- stress relief, a fit body, a clearer mind to make those big decisions.

Smart Money talked to a few entrepreneurs and identified strategies to make exercise a priority:

  • The Workout Meeting: One business owner swears by it. She brainstorms business ideas with a member of her advisory board while jogging. Those endorphins spark creativity.
  • Schedule Fitness: You are the boss, so make sure exercise makes the calendar. Even better, pay to bring a fitness instructor to the office so participating staff may benefit. This small effort can truly rally the troops.
  • Fitness-Friendly Space: If you need a shower in the office and a small space to park your bike or set-up a weight bench and a cardio machine, find it. Make sure the business space can accommodate your fitness style.

To all the entrepreneurs out there, please share your fitness wisdom with us!

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