Monday, 1 October 2007

Finding the right gym for you

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Let's face it, we have long-since passed the dawning of the fitness age. Truth be told, we're even well past high noon by this point. Everywhere you look, you're sure to find a health club, personal training facility, or gym of some kind or another. Hell, you can even get a gym workout in at some airports these days!! But, knowing which is the best place for you to start doling out your hard earned cash should come down to many factors.

First, be honest with yourself about your level of commitment. And by Be Honest, I mean Be Extremely Freakin' Honest. If you're a first-time exerciser and not quite sure if a workout program (especially one that takes place in a gym facility) is really for you, then I strongly suggest that you don't spend a fortune at the outset. YMCAs and other fitness centers of this caliber typically offer fairly reasonable rates, while at the same time provide you with more than enough fitness options (i.e. weights, cardio machines, classes, etc.).

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