Monday, 15 October 2007

Eco-friendly fitness clothing a click away

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Being a steward of our natural resources is a gratifying adventure. Whether global warming is a theory you embrace or dismiss, most of us are varying shades of green when it comes to the footprint we leave on the environment. Maybe you are an avid recycler, drive a hybrid, a Sierra Club member or simply grow heirloom tomatoes in your garden. Each and every decision makes a difference.

Even the fitness clothing we purchase can impact the earth's natural resources, depending on the philosophy of the clothing manufacturer. Design, durability and use of recycled materials go a long way to lessen the stress on our planet.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, GoLite is a leading manufacturer of lightweight outdoor adventure clothing and gear. Their designs use less raw materials, incorporate recycled contents where feasible, and they even offer a lifetime guarantee on every product to reduce consumerism. Other on-line clothing manufacturers to consider are Gaiam, Patagonia and Timberland. Check out this recent article summarizing the philosophies of these four eco-friendly sources for fitness clothes and gear. GoLite and Go Green!

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