Monday, 15 October 2007

Eco-fitness gear and products becoming more common

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Informed consumers are becoming more adept at looking for products and foods that promote a sustainable living arrangement for our planet, so why shouldn't green exercise equipment be in the mix?

Did you know that natural bamboo has such a high tensile strength that it's used in story-high scaffolding? The natural rods can be used in creative ways for exercise equipment as well.

With eco-living comes those who would take advantage of it (naturally), so if you find that new piece of recreational or exercise equipment is being marketed as eco-friendly, ask questions to the seller and manufacturer. Where is the product made? How is it made? Of what is is made, exactly? Of course, eco-fitness can easily be had without any equipment using only your body. Want a bigger challenge? How about an all-natural Pilates setup?

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