Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Eating more and more at a healthy restaurant not good

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If you are a frequent visitor of healthy restaurants, you may be wise to pay attention to your caloric intake anyway. New research has stated that although visitors to health restaurants go there to watch their food intake, they also indulge in bigger side dishes desserts and drinks. Result: they may be eating worse due to a bigger caloric intake.

It's hard to think that those visiting fast food restaurants may actually eat less then when those same folks visit a healthy restaurant, but it comes down to specifics always. I can't fathom the logic that tells a person a veggie sandwich or salad is a better meal when finished off with that highly sugared tea and large slice of pie or other dessert.

The same result suggested that many visitors to healthy restaurants underestimate how many calories they end up eating by a whopping 35 percent. Yikes!

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