Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Do you have office ADD? These tips may help

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In so many ways, the technology boom has made our lives easier. Internet, email, cell phones, text messages, all means that information travels freely and instantly any time of the day. But at what point does it become too much and turn into information overload? In the office, says one prominent psychiatrist, it can happen pretty quickly.

Office workers are complaining of symptoms that are remarkably similar to ADD: difficulty focusing, inability to get things done, anxiety. And studies show that being interrupted by just one email can distract an employee for up to 30 minutes. Technology is the ideal procrastinating tool. After all, there's the web out there just begging you to come and play. But more importantly, people can't focus on more than one task at a time, and the constant barrage of interruptions eventually just makes us scattered and unfocused.

So what can you do? By changing the rules and tweaking the way you do things, you can reign in this craziness and have a more zen office life. And maybe, finally, get that project finished.

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