Tuesday, 16 October 2007

DIY dentistry in Britain

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"I'm in the middle of pulling that one out, too," says a man from this NYT article about a sore tooth in the back of his mouth. I can't imagine being in the process of pulling out your own tooth. It seems like you should be about to pull it out, or you should be done pulling it out! But in Britain, more and more people are resorting to do-it-yourself dentistry as the country finds itself with a shortage of public dentists and too few citizens privately insured.

Those who don't have what it takes to pull out their own teeth are taking trips out of the country; dental care is cheaper and they can have a holiday at the same time. But many others are left without the funds to do much of anything but wait in long lines, buy temporary dental supplies from the drugstore, or suffer. Ouch.

Inspired to take care of your own teeth? (I think I may go floss right now.) Check out these healthy teeth tips from Mayo Clinic.

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