Monday, 1 October 2007

Depression during pregnancy very common

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More than one in seven pregnant women are depressed in the nine months after pregnancy as well as during the pregnancy, according to a new study. All things, considered, that is a higher level than I would have thought. Although the physical torment can be a huge drag for pregnant women (or so I've heard), it is easily outpaced by the joys of having a new life come into the picture soon.

Many of us have heard of postpartum depression, which can be devastating for many women emotionally. The most recent study looked at three nine-month periods: the nine months before pregnancy, the nine months of pregnancy and the nine months after birth.

The results seemed to suggest that women with a history of depression had a higher risk of postpartum depression compared to women with little to no history of depression before pregnancy. One of the research team concluded that "about 54 percent of women in the study identified as having postpartum depression had also been identified either before or during pregnancy as being depressed." Ladies, that's even more reason to seek help when you're feeling depressed.

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