Monday, 1 October 2007

Daily Fit Tip: Get in that stretching before exercising

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When it comes to regular exercise, there is something I've seen in a few people recently that caught me off guard. Mainly, the pre-exercise stretching just was not cutting it. Why exercise if you're not going to give your muscles what they need to be limber and ready?

At least five minutes of stretching should accompany any workout session. Loosening up the leg, arm neck and other muscles it crucial to prevent that pulled muscle or that dreaded hurt when your exercise is over. This includes those on treadmills and other low-impact activities as well.

If you have a sense of feeling in pain a little after you exercise, make sure you are getting in enough quality stretches beforehand. It would not be good to give up on any type of exercise simply due to some pain caused by a lack of stretching. Your muscles will thank you, trust me.

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