Friday, 12 October 2007

The Core: All it's cracked up to be

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Studies that track the injuries of runners found those who got hurt most were the ones with the weakest cores. That's why strong cores are key if running is your exercise of choice.

This just scratches the surface of what I learned Tuesday night at a free seminar aimed at prepping Gainesville marathoners for a 26.2 mile jaunt in February. Three more workshops will follow. Before I attend the final trio, though, I'm trying to process the nuggets of knowledge thrown my way during the hour I spent with a few fitness experts and a room full of practicing runners. Here's a mini rundown on what I learned:
  • The core -- made up of the butt, belly, back, and side butt -- is the body's engine block. It's like the hub of a bicycle wheel. If that hub were made of tin foil with strong spokes all around it, it would be crushed. Same goes for the core. It doesn't matter how strong our arms and legs are. If our core is weak, our body cannot endure sports like running.

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