Friday, 19 October 2007

Controversy over cartoon character's death

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When we browse the comics in our local paper over coffee, we expect a few good chuckles interspersed with an occasional rolling of the eyes at overly sappy comics like the Family Circus. What we don't expect is to be bawling our eyes out, which is what some people have been doing after reading the latest installments of Funky Winkerbean. One of the main characters, Lisa Moore, recently died of cancer. She was a wife, mother, lawyer and until now, cancer survivor.

Moore's death has brought about some good -- a charity has even been set up in her name, despite the fact that she's fictitious -- but still, some are outraged that the comic's author brought death, dying and the big 'C' to the funny pages, which people turn to when they want to lighten up. For an interview of author Tom Batiuk by our now-defunct sister blog, click here.

Death is just as much as part of life as laughter, and I think Batiuk was brave killing off a beloved character to bring about awareness. But I can see why some would be put off by something like this in the funnies. Nonetheless, I'm still reading -- I'm curious to know what you think.

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