Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Call in sick or go to work? Here are some tips

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Have you come down with the latest bug that's going around? You may be ready to get up and face the work day anyway, but should you? Presenteeism -- or going to work when you're sick -- is a common phenomenon and you may think you're doing your company a favor by being there. But sick workers are far less productive and can even spread their virus to their co-workers. Maybe that sick day isn't looking so bad after all, huh?

Obviously, company policy weighs heavily on your decision. After all, no one wants to get fired for having the sniffles. But if you have some sick time and an understanding boss, here are some tips for helping you decide whether you should get to work or curl up on the couch:

Stay Home:
  • fever
  • chills
  • fatigue
  • deep, phlegmy cough
  • earache
  • pinkeye
  • severe sore throat or white patches
  • sinus pain (not contagious, but may need an antibiotic so see your doctor)
  • stomach flu
Go to Work:
  • sniffles in the absence of the above symptoms
  • dry cough
  • mild or tickly sore throat

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