Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Brit's bloated body: Are drugs to blame?

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Britney Spears' less-than-perfect body of late has been getting lots of publicity -- both bad and good -- and here's a suggestion that would definitely fall in the bad category: Life & Style magazine is reporting that her bloated body is due to her excessive drug use, which was also one of the major reasons she lost custody of her sons. According to the article, "She's bloated, and she's stopped working out. She also starves herself for three days while drinking and doing drugs, and then when she comes down she binges on junk food." Drugs apparently are also the reason that her skin is looking lackluster these days, not doubt due to her unhealthy lifestyle.

Now, I don't know hot legit the article or it's sources are but if she is abusing drugs and alcohol, it's not surprising that her looks have started to suffer. Still, It's sad to see such a promising young star so far gone. Do you agree?

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