Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Americans know the Big Mac better than the 10 commandments

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Can you name all the 10 commandments? I sure can't, but seeing that I didn't grow up in a religious family, my only real exposure to them was the movie of the same name (and I fell asleep watching it.) Don't worry -- I do have a point here. Recent studies show that Americans are more proficient at naming the ingredients in a Big Mac and naming the members of the Brady Bunch better than they are at naming the 10 commandments.

Surprising? I don't think so. But even though I'm not a church-goer, this news is a bit disconcerting. Is this to say that we know fast food and TV better than we know basic morals and ethics? Or is it just a reflection of the fact the Religion isn't as big a institution in our society as it once was? What do you think?

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