Monday, 1 October 2007

The 300 Workout

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It's near impossible to watch Frank Miller's epic film 300 without marveling at the peak physical condition that all of the actors are in. From the lead, Gerard Butler as King Leonid, down to Spartan Soldier #299 (whoever he may be), every last one of these dudes were shredded. You took a look at these guys and thought, if any 300 guys could take on an army of 1 million, it's probably them. But, in reality, Spartan warriors they are not. They're actors; thespians portraying the eight-packed, human version of a well-conceived graphic novel. So, the question remains: How did these guys get into such great shape?

The answer is the 300 workout, designed specifically for the film's actors and, according to Butler, designed to make them want to throw-up. Bottom line, the 300 workout is absolutely grueling, and I speak from experience after having following the routine myself for the past month.

Any interest in looking like a Spartan warrior? If you answered yes, then you're either crazy and a glutton for punishment, or you're still both of those but you are also looking for a killer, new workout. Well, to that I say: This is Sparta!!

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