Monday, 15 October 2007

The 100 Mile Diet

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Think global, act local ... by eating locally on the 100 Mile Diet.

British Columbia's Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon embarked upon a unique challenge in the spring of 2005. For an entire year, they pledged to purchase and gather sustenance within 100 miles of their home. Considering most ingredients travel about 1,500 miles before reaching our mouths, this was no easy task. No Chilean grapes, no California wine, no Italian risotto.

Alisa and James' great undertaking was life-changing. They ate loads of potatoes until finally locating a local wheat farmer. Buying directly from farmers, they discovered the seasons, the micro-seasons, and even learned the art of canning. Their blog resonated with individuals and grassroots organizations across the country. Check out their book and consider how globalization and industrial food systems impact your diet choices and connections with community.

Give eating locally a whirl -- try cooking one meal a month from local sources or host a 100 Mile Diet potluck. Please, do share your experience!

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