Thursday, 20 September 2007

Women: The things you should be telling your doctor ... but aren't

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Ok women, 'fess up. Often when we're at the doctors, we don't bring up certain things that we wanted to, either because we're embarrassed, we don't want to waste the doctor's time or ... we're scared. But our doctors are there to help and it's important that we bring up what's bugging us before it's too late.

Shape Magazine has put together this list of the top things that you should tell your MD:
  • What herbal remedies or vitamins you're taking: So-called 'natural' remedies may seem harmless but they might not mix with other medications you're taking
  • That you're planning to get pregnant: Your doctor can help make sure you're physically ready for pregnancy and can make suggestions
  • That you're a social smoker: You doctor needs to know this to be able to properly screen and treat you
  • If sex is painful: It shouldn't be ... try to be specific about the pain so your doctor can get to the bottom of it
  • Whether or not you use tanning beds: Your doctor will be able to better screen you for skin cancer
  • That your knees are stiff when you get out of bed: It could indicate something more than just an intense workout or old age
Are there things you're afraid to tell your doctor?

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