Thursday, 20 September 2007

Turn off the TV and sit down with the family for National Eat Dinner Together Week

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When was the last time you sat down for dinner (at the table and not in front of the television) with your family? What used to be a regular part of most families' day, is now for many, at best a weekly event. While dinnertime was once one of the best times to sit down and hear about each family member's day, it is now an opportunity to sit and watch TV or catch up on work. I think that with the busy schedules that many parents and kids juggle, it's probably not realistic to expect everyone to eat together all of the time, but it is a nice idea to try to make it work a few times a week.

Why not start this week? It is, after all, National Eat Dinner Together Week. As Marisa McClellan at Slashfood points out, eating together with either family or friends is good for you and is great for helping you communicate with loved ones. So even if your family has got a bunch of activities planned for this week, try to take the time out to eat dinner together and, if possible, make it a regular event at your home.

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