Friday, 21 September 2007

Teaching kids to read nutrition labels

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It's quite enlightening to hear than a 10 year-old in the U.S. reads food labeling when shopper with her mom, but that is just what Marie Grandguillotte does every time she goes shopping at the local grocer. Marie says that reading food labels was "a little bit confusing, but after a while I got used to it."

That is the sign of a well-informed person, and I'll venture a guess that little Marie does what most U.S. adults do not. If even one percent of the kids did this in the U.S. and knew how to make nutritional choices based on that information, we'd see massive health benefits from it.

So far, flashy colors and goofy kid-targeted marketing are winning, as they always have been. The worst are the free prizes in sugary breakfast cereals, most of which easily fall into the junk food category. It never hurts to pop out one of those boxes and explain to your fifth-grader what all that nutrition information means.

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