Thursday, 20 September 2007

Take back your vacation

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Work at a job for a year and receive three weeks vacation. Most of us slave full-time 3-5 years before we ever see three weeks. Pathetically, only 14 percent of Americans will vacation two weeks or longer this year. Vacations are hardly a party, they're good for your health. For annual vacation-takers, the risk of death by heart disease is reduced by 50 percent in women and 32 percent in men.

Take Back Your Time is a joint U.S. and Canadian initiative challenging the time famine and culture of overwork undermining our health and relationships. They have launched a campaign to pass an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act entitled The Minimum Leave Protection, Family Bonding and Personal Well-Being Act of 2007.

Did you know 127 other countries have minimum-paid leave laws? Australia guarantees four weeks and even Japan requires two weeks. What is wrong with our workaholic country? Beyond providing the minimum three weeks of vacation, this amendment would also protect you from employer retaliation for taking a vacation, prevent chronic vacation cancellations, and allow you to keep those three weeks if you start a new job. Join Take Back's grassroots effort to save an endangered species.

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