Thursday, 27 September 2007

Should you encourage kids toward certain sports?

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The best rowers and swimmers are generally tall. The best distance runners are lightweight and small. While there are occasional exceptions, research and physics have shown body size does matter when it comes to success at the elite level of sports.

So do you encourage young athletes toward sports that best fit their physical gifts or do you support their love of a certain game? Perhaps you could offer both or maybe it's not even a parent or mentor's business to share opinions at all. But what about coaches? Should a cross-country coach intervene and guide a tall teenager toward the swim team instead?

This thoughtful article in The New York Times makes you ponder these questions. If you ask me, I believe heart matters most. Expose kids to different sports and cheer them on as they vacillate toward the sports they enjoy -- physics, motivation and luck will take care of the rest.

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