Friday, 21 September 2007

Reboot your brain with a walk

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Don't you hate when you're working through a problem, or trying to generate new ideas, and your brain won't seem to work? While you might be compelled to push through these times of creative atrophy, chances are that'll just make you frustrated. Instead, your best bet to jump-start your brain is to get up and talk a walk.

It doesn't have to be a hour-long trek, even five minutes will do. However, keep in mind these three tips, offered to by Lifehacker, a productivity blog:

1. Ditch the backpack and briefcase, you don't want to be weighed down.

2. Imagine that, even if you're walking in a familiar area, that you'll never see these buildings and space in the same order again.

3. It's about the journey -- not the destination. Even if that journey means pausing on a park bench, or popping into your favorite bookstore to see what's going on.

So reboot, refresh, and get walking -- just don't forget to take a pen and paper, so you can be ready when the ideas start flowing!

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