Thursday, 27 September 2007

Preventative maintenance on the heart very wise

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One thing I have noticed in this day and age is the reactiveness of most people when it comes to their own health. Unless you feel bad or shows signs of something, health is a little-thought-of piece of daily life for many of us. Why is that?

I'm not sure this is the best analogy, but it's like vehicles. Do every one of us check our oil levels, transmission fluid and tire pressure every week or month? I'd suspect not. we apply the same principle to our own health.

But, two new studies concluded with this one simple message: people need to take care of their heart both before and after heart trouble starts. In other words, have regular checkups and follow through with doctor's orders when something of concern shows up. Just because there is no pain doesn't mean there isn't something brewing, right?

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