Thursday, 20 September 2007

Man boobs on the rise

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Maybe you don't mind carrying a little extra. Maybe you don't care about the ramifications for your health, and have stopped worrying about that third beer, extra slice of pizza, or second piece of cake. Maybe you're letting you're letting yourself go.

But whatever your rationale, you might not be so excited about the other parts of your body that are growing along with your expanding waistline. Namely, your breasts.

As the number of obese men around the world continues to climb, so the number of men with gynecomastia -- or, more plainly, man boobs. While the condition is often caused by low testosterone, drugs, or medical disorders, obesity can also lead to this unfortunate enlargement.

The good news, however, is that while many men don't seem to mind growing a little belly (after all, that's normal, right?), it turns out they become significantly more alarmed when they're faced with the prospect of wearing a "bro" or "manssiere" (the male bra so famously invented by Kramer and George Costanza on an episode of Seinfeld).

So watch those pounds, guys. They might wind up someplace you'd really rather they didn't.

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